justBe Artworks
Haleh Dehlavi
Haleh is a mixed media artist. Her artistic journey began with her passion for exploring endless ways of creation with colours, motifs, shapes and textures. Education in Textile Design and Printing (Bachelor of Arts), and later on, Interior Decorating Certification, enhanced her inspiration and paved her way to explore a unique style of artwork creation. As a mixed media artist, Haleh enjoys working with different materials and textures, yet wire is her signature element. Her works are expressive and imaginative. By fostering a deep sense of connection to her inner world, Haleh transforms the energy of her thoughts and feelings to heartfelt lines of wires, shades of colours and textural surfaces. "justBe" the title of her artwork collection, which is imprinted on every piece is an indication of "Being Without Resistance". Being fully in the moment and knowing nothing matters but Being There, on that moment. Simply put, it is a state of "Freedom", "Free To Be"! Whenever you feel this way, know, this is justBe and how it feels like to "Just Be"!

Bachelor of Arts inTextile Design & Printing
Certification in Interior Decorating, Graduated With High Honors